by Audiophysical

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Essence Dub 01:47
Sun Stroke 02:22
Dubbylicious 03:02
Viewfinder 03:15
Mojo 02:08
Arrival 04:36



Audiophysical is Andre Lamb, a New Zealand born multi instrumentalist, producer and visual artist. What we hear while listening to his 3rd album describes what this man, his way and story is all about. Traveling, being influenced by inspiring landscapes, different cultures, meeting a variety of experienced humans on the way and being blessed with feeling connected to different kinds of musical influences that touch the heart with a warm and soulful groove.

Lamb fuses genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk and Folk into a flawless combination of sounds taking the listener into uncharted territories, pouring himself into these musical vibes. Lamb´s vision is one of cinematic beats and lush melodic instrumentation fused in a dusty analogue setting

On your imaginary trip while listening to his 3rd album you will visit a jazz-club in a smokey London-based basement in the 70ies, where a whiskey drinking pianoplayer hits the keys and meets saxophones and harmonica-sounds, underlaid by some groovy afro-ethno percussion (Southwest Swing). All of a sudden there opens up a door and you stumble upon a festival, standing in the middle of a deep reggae-jam on a sunny beach on Bora Bora Island (Essence Dub, Dubbylicious), where the same piano player from last night steps in and plays a few inspired notes. And just because it is so relaxing you stay in front of that stage and wait for the next Dub-Reggae-band with their sweet horn lines to enter the stage (Sun Stroke) and fill you with joy. Then the sunset carrys you away and you go on to encounter a plush yellow van, where you take a seat in the hot late afternoon heat, then riding thru the landscapes of the island onto the next village, where you start to dream of a night in Las Vegas, playing games in casinos, looking for lady luck (Venetian Streets). The van stops in your village and you find yourself getting funky on your way to the hotel while trying to dodge warm raindrops falling from the sky (Dodging Raindrops). This trip goes on and you stumble into a series of events, a long evening of variety, moody, wonderful, half-drunken, interesting impressions (Viewfinder, Pushing Outward, Mojo, Arrival), that lead you finally into more chilled environs ending the day in a big, fluffy, comfortable bed together with the person of your wishes sharing company in a classical chill-vibe with organs, Fender rhodes, jazzy grooves and cinematic orchstral-strings (Point of Entry, Trans Pacific, Sleight of Hand, Shadow Puppets).

Lamb lives and works all over the globe. He moved to Europe in 2009 from New Zealand to Belgium, later settleing for a few years in various corners of Spain and then onto Berlin for two years of solid creative work. After another year of wandering continental Europe he now primarily spends time between Vancouver Canada and New Zealand, always a little bit here and there… He's constantly acquiring new tools, connecting with musicians for collborations and inspiration while organising recording sessions or overdubs to continue working away at his music.

Just as this story converges musically in many places, Andre has also met new musicians to contribute to this album along with a couple old friends. Guests are Ardeshir Pourkeramati on Saxophone, Olly Roy (production on Dubbylicious), Robin Jones (Bass Clarinet), and co-writer and co-mixer Amine Bouzaher (also on violin & production as Simple Machines).

Final words: The meaning of ‚artifact’ as in Audiophysical's interpretation 1. an object made by a human being, which is typically an item of cultural or historical interest. And 2. something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure. Both might have happend in the process of producing this record and somehing big, maybe just as big as Mt Taranaki (featured in the cover art) has been created just for you to take a listen to.


released July 22, 2017

All songs written & performed by Audiophysical. Instruments performed by Andre Stefan Lamb, Amine Bouzaher (violin), Robin Jones (Bass Clarinet) & Ardeshir Pourkeramati (Saxophone). Mixed by Andre Stefan Lamb, Amine Bouzaher. Artwork by Andre Stefan Lamb. Mastering by Deja-Tunes. Publishing by Deja Music Publishing. P & C 2017


all rights reserved


about Hannover, Germany

Deja-Tunes. Home of:

- Tobitob Sessionlab (Moonbootica / FSD)
- Channel Two (Transcenders)
- Michael Sauer (Mojo Club)
- Aaron Bingle (Hotel Costes)
- Deja-Move (Brazilectro)
- Mario von Hacht (Fettes Brot)
- The Bas Lexter Ensample (Resense)
- Karbunck Lottinger (Nabf)
- Mr. Yoshiaki (Black Eyed Peas)
Pierce Vaughn
- Riccicomoto (Ibiza Global Radio)
- Loopez
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